The Dieline features Mellifera Honey

Posted: 08/14/14 8:38 AM

Mellifera Bees Mellifera honey is front and center on The Dieline; the most visited website on package design in the world, capturing a readership spanning millions across hundreds of countries. Here’s what they have to say about us…

Designer Kiki Falconer created logo and packaging design for Mellifera Bees, a producer of handcrafted honey infusions.

Mellifera, which is Latin for “honey-bearing bee,” is harvested from ethically managed hives in neighborhoods across Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. It’s founder, East Vancouver beekeeper Melissa Cartwright takes an artistic approach to her product, infusing it with spices and herbs to create concoctions like Cardamom Infused Honey, Vanilla Infused Honey and Lemon Infused Honey.

“As as urban honey brand, it was important that the product appear clean and elegant. This informed the choice in jars and long slim label. The logo was initially inspired by an x-ray of a bee’s wings. Geometric shapes were added to one side to add tension in the line qualities.”

The packaging communicates Mellifera’s distinct purity and artistry in an intriguingly alchemistic way. The clear, narrow jars and corresponding labels are simple, elegant and harmonious with the natural world–much like Mellifera’s product.