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Vanilla infused honey

One of nature’s most potent aromatics, vanilla has long been used in cooking, perfume and as an aphrodisiac. And now the wonderfully fragrant seed pod finds a new expression, in honey.

Caressing the senses with spicy floral notes and the potent tingle of local wildflowers, beekeeper Melissa Cartwright pays homage to the ancient symbiotic relationship between the intoxicating yellow blossom of the vanilla orchid and the gentle grazing of the pollinating bee with Mellifera Bees Vanilla Infused Honey.

Pairing Suggestions

Dunk freshly hulled pecans in golden pools of it alongside top-shelf Brie and pears, when they’re in season. Add it to coffee or Earl Grey tea. Let it drape dreamily over scoops of homemade ice cream, cakes or any dessert really.